Much more than a simple typology, the Enneagram of Personality Types
is a powerful catalyst for unblocking the flow of love.

All human relationships are at their best when we "feel the love," in other words when kindness, affection, interest, and appreciation are able to flow unimpeded between two people. This is what allows us to "show up" and be authentic, to support each other, to learn and grow, and to experience joy in simply being together. And it's what we're longing for when we want to improve, fix, heal, save-- or trade in-- our current relationships. We want them to work, and it is frustrating, heartbreaking, sometimes excruciating, when they don't. Where did the love go? What's missing here?

What's missing is a clear, compassionate, and TRUE understanding of why people do the things they do,
along with a willingness to understand and take responsibility for our part in what's not working.

The Enneagram offers an exquisitely precise understanding of human nature, organized into a dynamic, multifaceted system of nine basic personality types. The knowledge is here for the taking, but the willingness is up to you. Because the Enneagram reveals with such accuracy what we are blind to in ourselves and others, it can be a little scary, especially at first. It's okay to take it slow, absorbing the information a little bit at a time and noticing how it affects you and changes how you respond to things.

The magic of the Enneagram is experienced in those "A-ha" moments when we suddenly see what's really going on with clarity and compassion. An objective, true understanding of reality gives us solid ground to stand on, which makes it feel safe to actually be here, to be Present in this moment, no matter what is happening. This is vitally important in relationships, because more than anything else, Presence is what allows us to respond in the best possible way.

Healthy, happy relationships are infused with Presence-- the ability to relate to another human being authentically and vulnerably in the moment-- instead of being lost in our stories about the past (replaying old hurts) or our fantasies about the future (fear of new hurts).

The Enneagram reveals what's blocking us from abiding in a state of Presence, our most natural state of being, where we feel most at home and have the most to offer others. Presence, therefore, is the necessary ingredient for transforming our relationships, and the Enneagram is a powerful tool for cultivating Presence.

Nothing has helped me develop my capacity for Presence
more than the Enneagram, and nothing has helped my relationships more than my growing ability to be Present.

Enneawake attracts people who, like me, seek to continually awaken to a deeper, clearer understanding of ourselves and others, which facilitates ever more open-hearted connections in all of our relationships. This in turn greatly improves our quality of life and our ability to wholeheartedly contribute to the world. If this sounds like you, you are definitely in the right place!

Wondering how to begin? As a Certified Enneagram Teacher, I can introduce you to the system and how it works, help you discover your dominant type and what that means, offer fresh insights about your relationships, and connect you with a community of people who are already engaged in the sacred work of transforming their relationships with understanding and Presence.

The quickest way to get started is to call or text me at 774.217.4195 and ask your questions! I can help you find the next steps that are right for you.

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