Understanding Yourself and Others
with the Enneagram of Personality Types

The Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram) is
a powerful wisdom teaching that helps us reconnect with ourselves and others by deeply understanding the inner experience
of nine distinct, yet interconnected, personality types.

What we see on the outside is very much related to what's going on inside, but usually not in the way we think-- because we don't all think the same.

As we deepen our awareness of the patterns of each type, we connect more and more with the essence of who we really are, underneath and beyond those patterns. Click HERE to read about the nine types.

How it works:

Here's what happens, over and over again, when people begin to study and work with the Enneagram (whether through a book, a class, or a consultation):

First, we feel validated and seen for who we are, on a very deep, unspoken level. Sometimes it's a little scary or unnerving when our inner experience is first exposed to the light, but in the presence of a compassionate witness that soon melts into a profound relief at not having to hide anymore. And we see that we're not alone! Your personality type is simply one of nine typical patterns of self-protection. It's NOT who you are, but it IS the path to discovering who you are, underneath those conditioned patterns (habits of thought, emotional response, and behavior).

Second, by learning about the other eight types, we begin to understand the secret suffering that causes other people to behave in ways that seem difficult, confusing, or hurtful. If we are willing to see, this understanding helps us discriminate whose emotional "stuff" is whose-- in other words, we stop taking things so personally and become more available to meet the other person with compassion instead of criticism.

The insight and compassion generated by a sincere study of the Enneagram has transformed countless lives and relationships that seemed hopelessly stuck in unhappy patterns. If this sounds too good to be true, visit my Testimonials page, come to a class, or schedule a consultation! The Enneagram is not a belief system. I will never ask you to take anything on faith. Test it, try it out, see what's true in your own experience. Watch what happens once the understanding is in place. Soon you'll be telling all your friends about this amazing thing you just discovered, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

"The full-day Enneagram Workshop in Westport has had a profound effect on me...  I am softer, kinder and more keenly aware of those around me who may not think or act like I do.  And this is just a week into the work. I have a clearer understanding that they REALLY DON'T think, act or respond like I do! And I can probably never make them!  (Whoa, that's a biggie here!)  My tolerance towards those around me has been simplified in an odd way. I believe it is called acceptance and dare I say compassion and love?  Embracing all of the differences regardless of the sometimes negative impact on me and on the way I walk in this world. 

This work also allows for a releasing of old frustrations as to why we can't change much about those we are in daily contact with.  You let go. You feel lighter."

~Linda Cornell

Here are some ways to start exploring the Enneagram right now:

  • Read personality profiles of the nine types on this website
  • Explore other pages on this website

  • Visit the Enneagram Institute website for online testing and in-depth information about the Enneagram
  • Order The Wisdom of the Enneagram, by Don Riso and Russ Hudson. This book is the main text for the Riso-Hudson (and my) approach to working with the Enneagram.

  • Sign up for one of my classes, workshops, or retreats

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