About Jenny

I'm really not that special.

I am just one of many thousands of spiritual teachers, healers, and holistic practitioners who have been through their own journey of spiritual transformation, and stand now on the other side with no greater desire than to reach a hand back to others making their own courageous crossings.

We are seekers. Those of us called to this work have had our hearts broken by the brokenness of the world, and we've been driven to seek ways to heal ourselves and others, daring to hope that by doing so, we might change the world.

So we've done what we had to do. We've walked through the fire. We've soaked our friends' shoulders with our tears. We've suffered the agony of feeling alone in an uncaring universe. We've humbled ourselves and asked for help. We've gone into the dark night willingly at times, kicking and screaming other times, but we've kept walking the walk. We've learned how to surrender our will, our fear, our shame, and our rage to whatever spiritual truth has revealed itself to us.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the Seeker/Healers are emerging en masse at this time in history, when everything seems to be falling apart. That's how it goes on the journey! The old structures have to crumble to make way for the new. Many of us are being called at this time to midwife the birth of the new world, but it is a perilous passage, no doubt about it. There are no guarantees that any of us will survive our journeys, and no guarantees for the human species or our beautiful planet either.

Some days this hard truth makes me want to collapse and give up. Other days, it strengthens my resolve to walk my walk, do my work, love this life, and hold the light for others who can't quite hold it for themselves just yet.

What else can we do?

B.A. in Psychology, Middlebury College, 1991
Certified to teach the Riso-Hudson Enneagram by the Enneagram Institute®, 2012
Certified in Spiritual Guidance and Companioning by Rowe Camp and Conference Center, 2017

Addiction Recovery (interweaving the Enneagram with the 12 Steps)
Healthy Relationships: Intimate and Professional
Spiritual Awakening and Healing
Guidance for Aligning Life with Soul
Shadow Work
Somatic Practice: Embodied Awareness and Presence


As an Enneagram Institute® Certified and Authorized Enneagram Teacher, I am deeply indebted, personally and professionally, to my teachers, Don Riso and Russ Hudson, co-founders of the Enneagram Institute in Stone Ridge, NY.

The Enneagram type names used here are theirs. I have put their work into my own words throughout this website. In my classes and private sessions I use the methods and orientation I learned during more than 500 hours of professional training and personal development retreats at the Enneagram Institute, beginning in 2008. I also weave in other teachings, techniques, and practices I have learned at the Rowe Center, in the Diamond Approach, and as a participant in nature-based soul encounter with the Animas Valley Institute.