Classes and Events

"The Wisdom of the Enneagram"
Weekend Workshop

February 16-18, 2018
7:00 - 9:00 pm Friday
9:00 - 5:30 Saturday
9:00 - 5:00 pm Sunday
Courtyard by Marriott Boston-Natick
342 Speen St, Natick, MA

The Wisdom of the Enneagram Workshop
Moving Beyond Personality

Most of us encounter the Enneagram as a useful system of personality types. We find it fascinating to see ourselves and others through the insights that the Enneagram offers. But at a certain point, we begin to see that the characteristics described in Enneagram books reflect only part of the picture. At a deeper level, however, the Enneagram tells us about the relationship between our personality and our Essence, or Spirit.

This Workshop will focus on exercises to help us see through the veils of our personality structures to have a more direct experience of our Essence, our true spiritual nature. We will look at the personality types as nine distinct aspects of human nature that can be found in all of us regardless of our type. We will see how these different parts of ourselves manifest personally in our lives, and how, rightly understood, they can lead us to deeper inner resources and lasting joy.

This Workshop will feature exercises for each type, as well as music, meditations, and practices that will help bring our Centers of intelligence (Thinking, Feeling, and Instinct) into greater alignment, thus opening us to the transformative action of Spirit. We will focus primarily on the spiritual gifts of each type. If you are interested in finding more effective ways of using the Enneagram in your spiritual practice, or if you are interested in exploring the underlying meaning and Wisdom of the Enneagram, this Workshop will be highly relevant to you. ~The Enneagram Institute®

Note from Jenny: I am especially thrilled to be offering this Workshop because, with the approval of the Enneagram Institute®, I will have teaching assistance from my eldest son, Ben Campbell, who has taken four of the five Riso-Hudson Enneagram Trainings (and plans to complete the Professional Training Program in 2018 with the Master Class). Ben was 13 years old when I took my first Training in 2008, so he has literally grown up with the Enneagram, and has been benefiting from its wisdom and sharing it with his friends informally for almost a decade. He is now launching his own Enneagram-teaching business specializing in helping teenagers and young adults understand and apply the Enneagram wisdom at this crucial, transitional time of life.

Ben and I both feel strongly that more authentic and respectful conversations between the generations are vital to the health of individuals, families, communities, and ultimately, the planet that sustains us all. And we both appreciate the value of learning the Enneagram at a young age. Without exception, all the middle-aged and older Enneagram students I know (myself included) wish they had learned about it years ago.

"The Wisdom of the Enneagram"
is a great workshop for total beginners, as well as a wonderful refresher for you experienced students who are feeling that insistent nudge inside that it's time to reconnect with your depths and embrace your next piece of inner work. If the Enneagram has changed your life for the better, talk your friends, children, siblings, or parents into coming with you! The collective awakening is gathering force and speed. You never know who might be open and willing now, who wasn't before.

If you know anyone, especially a young person, who is curious about human nature, on a quest for identity and meaning, a spiritual seeker, or tends to worry or despair about the future, please pass this on to them! They need to know they are not alone.

About the Workshop Cost:

Because we recognize that young people who are still in school or just starting out might not have the ability to afford the going rate for an Enneagram Institute® workshop, we are offering it at two price points: $250 for the standard early bird (before 1/16) rate and $125 for anyone who can't afford the full price. (After 1/16, rates go up to $295 and $150).

Food and lodging are not included in the workshop price. If you are from out of town and want someone local to host you overnight, please let me know and I will ask around. You are welcome to bring a bag lunch and eat in the hotel, or head out to one of the many restaurants nearby.

"The Enneagram for Yogis:
Embodying the Nine Paths of Transformation"

A Collaborative Exploration with Jenny Campbell
and Melanie Harrington, RYT-500 and Owner of The Yoga Exchange

Sunday, April 22, 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
The Yoga Exchange, 24 Exchange St., Holliston
$40/person ($20 for Yoga Exchange members)

In this 3-hour introductory workshop, we will have a direct experience— as we play with our yoga practice— of how all nine Enneagram personality types are held in the body as muscular tension, and how releasing this tension reveals the spiritual Essence that is hidden like a secret treasure within each type.

This workshop will combine Enneagram teaching, group discussion, and simple yoga postures and flows. Beginner yogis are welcome! We will be alternately sitting and moving, so layers are a good idea. You may want to bring a meditation cushion or blanket to sit on, in addition to your yoga mat.

Call or text Jenny at 774-217-4195,
or visit www.theyogaexchange.com to sign up!