Spiritual Mentoring

In a Spiritual Mentoring session, the focus is on creating a safe and sacred space for the soul to speak to another soul who is wide awake and deeply listening.

This experience is exceedingly rare, and precious beyond measure. (It's part of what we long for in a "soulmate.") Most of the time, we're not really in contact with soul, although it is always working overtime to get our attention. Anxiety, depression, irritability, confusion, and feeling "stuck" are all symptoms of disconnection from soul (as well as from spirit or the God of your understanding).

In our sessions, we go with whatever comes up. I have complete trust that whatever wants attention today is what is most important. In addition to holding safe and sacred space, my job as your Spiritual Mentor is to listen carefully for when the soul is speaking, to illuminate those moments, and to bring in spiritual teachings and practices that can support you in reconnecting with the truth of who you really are, and eventually living more and more in alignment with that truth.

The Enneagram is a brilliant tool for unraveling confusion around the difference between the false self and the true Self, the ego and the soul. Some sessions will include quite a bit of Enneagram "teaching" and others very little. Again, I trust that your soul is guiding the the proceedings and my intention is to humbly serve a natural process that has been underway since the day you were born.

Note: Spiritual Mentoring is different from psychotherapy and life coaching, although it overlaps and is compatible with both.

Unlike a traditional therapist, a mentor shares their personal experience to help others along the same road. You can ask me anything and I will answer you honestly; I'm an open book, not a blank slate.

Unlike most life coaching, we do not have a set program, goals, or time commitment. You are completely free to come and go as you please (do let me know if you have to cancel an appointment though!).

This doesn't mean we don't get "results," because we certainly do! As you begin to align your life with your soul, certain things in your life will begin to crumble and fall away. There will be challenges, but there will be more of you available to meet them and grow from them. As problems become opportunities, life becomes more about adventure and service, and less about basic survival and getting our ego needs met.

Spiritual Mentoring Fees (by the hour):

Regular fee: $95

Package of four: $320 (save $60)

Sliding scale is available if cost is prohibitive; please inquire.

"Understanding is the essence of love."   ~Thich Nhat Hanh