"Jenny has a gentle and open way of presenting and answering questions and a vast knowledge of the Enneagram. Her encouragement of us to share and her own sharing of her own journey were greatly appreciated. Jenny is a gracious holder of the space for learning and she has a gift for allowing the spirit to move through that space."
                         ~Rev. Mary Aberg

"I came to the retreat knowing little or anything about the Enneagram. I'm leaving with some awakening understanding and curiosity. I loved Jenny's openness to the Spirit/Presence, and her willingness to stop and listen for guidance. I left wanting more."


"Jenny's gentle but firm style was great and her approach made the material accessible. The retreat had good pacing, with breaks to digest and plenty of time for questions."

Mary Taber, LCSW
Spiritual Director

"Jenny has helped me make major, fundamental changes that have helped me live more closely from my Essence. She is a down-to-earth, real person and teacher who meets everyone where they're at with humor, sensitivity, and sincerity."

Cindy Cardillo

"THANK YOU for your time and energy yesterday. I am pretty certain I can speak for all who attended in Westport that you were engaging, fun and came loaded with a wealth of knowledge to share. I appreciated your thoughtfulness and kindness throughout the day. I will continue the search you have started me on."

Linda Cornell
Sole Reflextion / Soul Reflection Reflexology

"I can't think of anyone who brings more intelligence, compassion, and sense of purpose to this work. Jenny's love for the Enneagram and sense of mission about sharing this life-changing instrument of insight and awareness is palpable. It is rooted in such sincerity and I am delighted that this sacred Map is in her wonderful hands."

Ann Casey, LICSW, Psychotherapist

"Jenny has been, and continues to be, a beam of light shot directly into my heart, which has allowed me to open up, let go, breathe, feel, create and just be. Before we met I was severely "stuck" in old emotional patterns that were hurtful and damaging to myself and to the people I love.  With Jenny's help I have begun to break free of those habits and move forward, with grace, in a way that is liberating and life-affirming. I could not have done this without Jenny's wisdom and support."

Lisa Ayr, Marketing Specialist

"My experiences in Jenny's classes have been wonderful. At times I am astounded at her depth of knowledge. She has surely helped elevate my consciousness and understanding of human nature. Jenny has a unique way of conveying the complexities of the Enneagram with a comprehensive ease. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her warmhearted disposition appealing.

Jim Beatrice, Fine Artist
"Jenny communicates an easy acceptance of who you are, along with gentle encouragement to explore your next steps, using the Enneagram as a clear framework for personal growth."

Glenn Williams, Educational Pyschologist

"I find the Enneagram endlessly fascinating: the more I learn about each level of it, the more I feel I understand the world.  Jenny has an almost innate understanding of the Enneagram, and she shares her deep knowledge and respect for this system with genuine enthusiasm and wisdom. 

I had struggled for years trying to understand two members of my family who consistently confounded me. Both of them have strong, challenging personalities and often made me uncomfortable, sometimes fearful, and certainly doubtful of myself.  Studying the Enneagram with Jenny dissolved the "worry cloud" about whether they will be okay in the world, and helped me to be less afraid of them and more confident in myself. Knowledge of the Enneagram is now a prism through which I often view others, helping me to be more compassionate and understanding."

Cecily C.

"What I treasure most from the time I've spent with Jenny is the profound clarity and countless "Aha!" moments I've experienced. A deeper understanding of how we are all wired differently leads to greater acceptance and unconditional love for ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues, and so on...  A tireless "truth-seeker," Jenny is following her passion and doing what she was born to do."

Ruthann Baler, Freelance Writer, Songwriter, Musician  

"Jenny's retreat was the highlight of my summer. The Enneagram teachings are fundamentally powerful, but transmitted through an excellent and wise teacher, they become truly transformative. Jenny's gentleness, intuition, and creativity allowed me to explore the parts of myself that confuse or frighten me. I now feel more empowered and whole, able to understand myself and others with greater compassion."

Adele Somma, MSW

"Jenny has a wonderful way of presenting the Enneagram that is gracious, positive, and full of possibility-- not hierarchical or full of judgment. I appreciated the connections to spirituality."


"Jenny is open, knowledgeable, a patient listener, thoughtful, appropriately emotive, and lovely!"

V. Jane Fadden
Retired UCC Interim Pastor

"I appreciated Jenny's honesty and open-heartedness, leading from her heart, and her presence. A very special being came through..."

Judith Cooper

"Each component of the retreat held its own joy-- learning something new about myself, my family, the circle and the world!
Jenny is an embodiment of the Enneagram as a process of wholeness. Her personal transparency was so trusting and vulnerable. She held things positively and protected us from abuse and misuse of the Enneagram."

Rev. Dr. Dirkje F. Legerstee

"It was VERY helpful that Jenny's presentation of the Enneagram was so positive-- valuing every type. Jenny was inclusive and an excellent listener.


"Understanding the Enneagram has helped me stay calm when people do things that didn't make sense to me before."
Kim W.

"Your presentation was extremely balanced and your descriptions were both varied and engaging.  I left feeling like I had a better sense of the gifts of each type, a better ability to recognize them in other people, and a better ability to see a greater variety of characteristics in myself. I'm really glad I attended.  Thank you."

Carol Trocki

"We are all blind to some degree because our type's bias makes it difficult to put ourselves fully into another person's shoes. With the Enneagram I can appreciate what is motivating someone else and that can be incredibly helpful. The insights Jenny shares are a delight to experience and learn from. Understanding the Enneagram has helped me stay calm when people do things that didn't make sense to me before."

Kim W., Business Owner

The Enneagram is a system that helps me to make sense out of my life, my relationships, and my feelings. Jenny teaches the Enneagram in a way that allows me to identify and understand the multifaceted aspects of my personality structure as well as others. There's a real honesty to Jenny's classes. There is no BS. Even if I've taken a class before I know I will learn something new. It is never boring because Jenny teaches each class in a unique way depending on the students in the room. 

Sandy Yukes

"I REALLY felt 'lighter' and more at peace after our private consultation. Thank you! I feel so much better about things and am thinking differently about things ALREADY since we spoke."
Michelle Monet, Artist and Singer/Songwriter

"Absolutely POWERFUL!  Her classes have helped me immensely with relationship to myself and others."

Janice Pronko, Shiatsu and Hot Stone Massage

"Experiencing Jenny as a friend, student, colleague and teacher for the past several years is a great blessing in my life. Her love of Truth and of the Enneagram is genuine and palpable and she lives what she teaches. Jenny shares the Enneagram with deftness and clarity born of her own deep inner work and her deep respect for the Enneagram as a tool for awakening. Jenny is sensitive, funny, clear and deeply knowledgeable. If you want to learn about who you are NOT to find out who you ARE, studying the Enneagram with Jenny is a beautiful doorway into Truth."

Cynthia Gramer, Teacher

Jenny's approach to the Enneagram teachings is a wonderful compliment to the organizational work she offers. In her tactful and respectful manner, she holds me accountable with her insights and reflections by bringing me back to my own truth. I believe that this work is Jenny’s calling and I am lucky to be on a path that includes her in my life."

Leslie Ann H.

"The Enneagram has given me the understanding to change my judgmental attitude to a more compassionate response. Jenny has an engaging style which makes the information accessible and relevant specifically to me and each person in the group. She has a comprehensive knowledge of the work and conveys it articulately with humor and sensitivity."

Page Wasson, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM)
Certified Shiatsu Practitioner (AOBTA)